The Connection with Jay Miralles #8 - Dr. Meghan Ellwanger & Monte Vogel, RN

Dr. Megan Ellwanger has specialized training in the joints surrounding your brainstem. interference in this area can lead to many health manifestations. Patients of Revive Total Health have typically been everywhere else looking for answers or have very complicated neurological conditions. Pregnancy. Pediatrics. Persistent Problems.

MONTE is a Nebraska State licensed Body Piercer, piercing since 1992. He owned and operated BODY MODS Inc. in Omaha for 13 years. Afterward he went on to work at Dr Jack’s for an additional 10+ years. During his years, he was instrumental in assisting in the legislative process for the development of current Body Art laws. Following that he was asked to sit a position on the State Board of Cosmetology as a state representative for the field of Body Art. Concurrently he also became a State Health Inspector and inspected Body Art facilities throughout the state. During this time, MONTE was also an instructor for PPIS (, based out of San Jose, California), chosen from some of the best practitioners in the world, teaching advanced body modification techniques where he was flown coast to coast across the US to train top piercers in the field. MONTE is a professional speaker with content surrounding the Body Art field, having lectured at Creighton Medical University to 3rd year medical students on multiple occasions; as well as students at Westside High School. MONTE is also a professional writer with work that has been published in the field of body modification and on psychological web sites as well. He was even asked to write a piece that was published for the Omaha World Herald for the city’s 150th anniversary. Currently MONTE is an RN at UNMC.

The Connection Theme: ‘Believe The Hype’ written by S.L.J Kalmeijer performed by Kristian Leo produced by Sounds Like Sander

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