Sept. 3, 2019

#19 Blackstone Broadcast Series- Guest John Fahrer

#19 Blackstone Broadcast Series- Guest John Fahrer

John is the owner of a Scriptown Brewery, a business in Blackstone.  Listen to how and why he connected in the Blackstone District!




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Scriptown Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by John & Debbie Fahrer and Scott Stephens. John and Scott met in 2011 when Scott returned to Omaha after living in Portland OR where he worked in advertising. Over his 7 year stint in Portland, his love and appreciation for handcrafted beer stoked his interest in the process; so, when he moved back to his hometown of Omaha NE, he was introduced to John by a mutual friend and the journey began.

John has been a homebrewer in his hometown of Omaha NE for over 25 years and is well respected in the local brewing community. In 1996, John won the NHC (sponsored by the American Homebrewer's Association) in New Orleans.  His Muddy Mo Amber Ale was named Best of Show out of 3,300 entries that year, winning him the coveted title of Homebrewer of the Year.

In addition, he was won many ribbons in local and regional home-brewing competitions over the years, including the Nebraska State Fair.   John recently left his career at PayFlex Systems in 2014 to pursue his dream of owning and operating a brewery.

Scriptown Brewing Company brews classic examples of traditional beer styles. As a BJCP National Judge, John was always a style maven and prefers to brew British, German and Belgian styles. Our goal is to brew the best beer possible, using local ingredients when we can.

The name Scriptown was derived from what was the first subdivision in the history of Omaha, which at the time was located in Nebraska Territory. It was called "Scriptown" because scrip was used as payment, similar to how a company would pay employees when regular money was unavailable. Its original survey placed the location from the Missouri River to North 30th Street, Cuming to Fort Street.


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